SEO optimization tips for developing a good web site

I decided to create this list for several reasons:

  • With this article I hope I show potential clients that we understand key factors for creating a good web site and making it popular on the web and we apply in our work all possible SEO techniques and good web design practices
  • It will also be a checklist for our team when building a web site or for web site search engine optimization
  • I hope it also helps other web designers and developers to learn important SEO tips

SEO tips

  1. Add unique titles on all pages in the site and use keywords for which you want the certain page to be found
  2. Add unique page descriptions
  3. HTML and CSS validation of web page to W3C standards - test with validator.w3.org
  4. Always add the ALT tags on images
  5. Use important keywords in H1-H6 headline texts
  6. Add Robots.txt file on the server
  7. Add Google sitemap - you can create one with this site xml-sitemaps.com
  8. Using important keywords as link texts of inbound links - internal links in the site and external links from other web sites
  9. Use of keywords in the domain name (if chosen by you) and in the page URLs, site subfolders, subdomains
  10. Site speed and server speed - very important, I use this site for speed analysis www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze. Some tips are - be careful using Java Scripts, too many CSS files, flash objects.
  11. Eliminate duplicate content - it seems that sometimes you don't imagine about this problem until you see Google webmaster tools. If a page can be accessed in several ways (with several different URLs) you need to add 301 redirects so that only one URL displays that page, otherwise Google considers that as Duplicated content and penalises the site.
  12. Eliminate spelling or grammar mistakes
  13. External links from the site - link to high quality topically-related pages
  14. Up-to-date content
  15. Place links to your site in sites like delicious.com and folkd.com, also in digg.com

Sites to use for Free Search Engine Rankings Check in Seconds:


How to see which keywords will bring you more traffic:

Google Keyword tool helps you select keywords that people search most. For example, I always wondered which of the keywords is searched most clothes, clothing, apparel or garments. With this tool I found out that clothing is the most searched word with more than 20 million searches per month, after it is clothes (more than 13 million), apparel (4 million) and garments (less than 400 000).

Well, this article is just the beginning, I hope I have time to add more content and explanations to it soon.

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