Think about internal linking structure when you make SEO of your site

When talking about inner linking structure we have to take into consideration page depth, quantity of internal links and quality of internal links.

Page depth is the number of required clicks to get to a page from the homepage. Pages that are available in one click are deemed more important than those that are nearly hidden and require more than 3 clicks to reach. What you can do is organize your site in a way to make the most important pages available at 1-2 clicks from the homepage. Of course you can not link everything from the home page if you have a big site with thousands of pages, but pick the pages that can be optimized for your desired keywords.

The more internal links you have that point to a certain page, the more important it is to the search engines. Does that mean you should have every page on your site include a link to every page in your site? Of course not. A good strategy is to think of different sections where you can select the pages you want - "Top Products", Editor's choice", etc. Or write some news where you mention your products and link to them.

Just including links to an important page is not enough, they also need to be high quality links, which means they should have your desired keywords as anchor text. Also have in mind that the higher a link occurs in the HTML, the better.

The links should also be to highly-related page. This means that you need to have relative content on the page and provide link to a page with relative content for further information. This doesn't mean you shouldn't include links on pages that are different, but just keep in mind that the effect will not be as strong as it could be. Just remember that the internal linking structure of a site is very important for its performance on the search engines and what you really can do for your site's SEO is to optimize the links in your site.

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